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    As Per Your Question :- 1 . Firstly , Go to the Copying Section/Counter/Department of such Delhi District Saket Court . 2 . In case you are the party to the case you go to self & make an application with proper pasting of Judicial Court Fee/ Court Fee Tickets . 3 . Contact with clerk regarding such Certified Copies Of Judgment & submitted such application in Copying section/Counter/Department . 4 . For Certified Copies cost depends upon per page . 5 . You can also demand that certified copies through express way . Some additional charges paid if you want that certified copy of such judgment by the way of Express Method ( FAST Received ) . 6 . For additional legal advice contact me through website & get the best legal consultations regarding your issues .
    Criminal Law • Asked on: 18th January 2018 • Answers: 2
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