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    The preamble of our constitution declares that the people of India gave themselves and adopted the constitution of our country. Irrespective of being...
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    Hello Mr. Rao, I understand from your query, that you have filed a complaint in NCDRC with regards to medical negligence and if I am guessing correctly, then you have approached the NCDRC without a Legal Representative. Now, with regards to your query No.1, as per our Legal Practice we are supposed to supply a copy of each and every document which is being filed in the court/tribunal/forum/commission to the Opposite Side, but sometimes some advocates don't do that and they even unnecessarily argue for that. No worries, you can always file inspect the court filed and/or take a certified copy of the same. Query No.2, No as per law, whether it is a law firm or not, only those advocates/counsels can appear who's Vakalatnama is on record duly signed by the person appearing and complete in all respects. But usually, people who are working in the said law firm, appear to either file a document or take Passovers or take adjournments, but at the time of arguments, only the counsels who have signed the Vakalatnama appear before the court. Query No.3, there is no provision to file a reply to rejoinder of the complainant in law. Rejoinder or Replication of the Reply to the complaint or W.S. (Written Statement) is the final pleading and after that, the case is fixed for evidence of both the parties and then later it is fixed for arguments under Consumer Protection Act. I hope I have answered your queries. 
    Consumer Protection • Asked on: 4th October 2017 • Answers: 2
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