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    A written complaint and allegation is filed which is called as a ‘Plaint’. One who files the complaint is called as the ‘Plaintiff’. Against whom a complaint is filed is called as the ‘Defendant’. ” Vakalatnama”, is a document, by which the party filing the case authorizes the Advocate to represent on their behalf. Different amount of court fees is paid for the different type of documents to be submitted to the court depending upon the value of the suit. On the first day of the hearing, if the court thinks there are merits in the case, it will issue a notice to the opposite party, to submit their arguments, and fix a date. The Defense will then file a ‘Written Statement’ against the allegations. Plaintiff will file a reply to this written statement to be called as replication. The hearing will then proceed according to the discretion and orders of the court.

    Civil • Asked on: 21st May 2017 • Answers: 1
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