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    As Per Your Question :- 1 . Firstly , Go to the Copying Section/Counter/Department of such Delhi District Saket Court . 2 . In case you are the party to the case you go to self & make an application with proper pasting of Judicial Court Fee/ Court Fee Tickets . 3 . Contact with clerk regarding such Certified Copies Of Judgment & submitted such application in Copying section/Counter/Department . 4 . For Certified Copies cost depends upon per page . 5 . You can also demand that certified copies through express way . Some additional charges paid if you want that certified copy of such judgment by the way of Express Method ( FAST Received ) . 6 . For additional legal advice contact me through website & get the best legal consultations regarding your issues .
    Published On: 20th Jan 2018
    Advocate Abhay Gupta
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    If you are the party to the case then apply to the district court, copying section, for taking the certified copy of the judgment, in a prescribed form with the required court fee, in the form of judicial fee stamp pasted over that form and deposit it on the counter. After that You will be given a receipt of it and a likely date of delivery of the certified copy. Go on the said date and check whether it is ready or not, if it is ready then per page some cost is there which you have to give to the dealing clerk, he will let you know about the cost being charged.
    Published On: 19th Jan 2018
    Advocate Prawal Chaturvedi
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