Advocate Jayashree Hariharan
Practicing advocate at Bangalore - Areas - Civil litigations, documentation, registration of Deeds and Agreements, scrutiny of property documents
Bangalore/Bengaluru, Karnataka
Rs. 500
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM (Monday-Saturday) Available
22 years
Practice Courts
District Court,Consumer Court
Mrs. Jayashree Hariharan is an Advocate and Legal Consultant, specialised in civil litigations, documentation of Deeds, agreements, Contracts, et al,, registration of documents and scrutiny of property documents, since the year 1997, the year of her enrollment with the Bar Council of Karnataka, at Bangalore. She is based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Online consultation is also encouraged. Work exposure in the areas - 1. 5. Scrutiny of property documents and sourcing of necessary documents, if required 2. Litigations -Civil - Divorce, Divorce by mutual consent, Maintenance/Alimony, Guardian and Wards cases (G & WC cases) for child custody. Consumer Court/ Forum/ Commission cases. Partition cases, Probate matters (P & Sc), Easement cases, Declaration and possession cases Criminal - Domestic Violence cases Cheque bounce cases 3. Documentation - Will, Power of Attorney, Relinquishment Deed, Partition/Family Settlement Deed, Absolute Sale Deed, Sale Agreement, Gift Deed, Trust Deed, et al. 4. Registration of documents - Registration before the jurisdictional sub-registrar at Bangalore, of all registrable Deeds and documents. Legal consultation on all civil matters, cheque bounce matters.
Services offered –
  1. Litigations
  2. Documentation
  3. Conveyancing  / Registration of Deeds and Agreements and Documents
  4. Consultation
  1. Family Court
  2. Consumer Forum / Court
  3. City Civil Court
  4. Magistrate Court
 Disputes relating to property –
Partition suits; Probate and Succession cases; Possession and Declaration; Mesne Profits; Encroachments of Easementary rightss; Suit for specific performance;  permanent and mandatory injunctions (injunction suits), etc.
Disputes relating to money matters –
Recovery of money suits (money/recovery suits); suit for Damages, mesne profits, etc.
Disputes relating to familial relations / family cases–
Divorce – petition for divorce by mutual consent, or by either spouse against the other spouse, or for nullification of the marriage; Maintenance; custody of child / children by either spouse.
Consumer Disputes -
Disputes arising between seller and customer come under this category. Consumer Forum can be approached on two grounds  -1)Deficiency of Service by the service provider 2) Defect in goods In toto, it deals with both goods and services
Rental / Lease Agreement, Will, Power of Attorney  Trust Deed, Will, Sale Deed, Sale Agreement, Relinquishment Deed, Parition / Family Settlement Deed, Joint Development Agreement, Construction Agreement, 
Cheque bounce / dishonour of cheque cases, Domestic violence case, Maintenance case –

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