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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Lexcarts Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we aim and focus to create corporate social and environmental responsibility. Lexcarts commits in doing business in a way that is good for the society at large. Lexcarts scales the power of goodwill by sharing the good it does so that everyone can endure and thrive.

Corporate social responsibility is embedded in our work culture and people with similar motives associated with us. It is our goal to build goodwill and a better platform to build mutual business patterns, not only in work style and craftsmanship but also in our dedication to ethical and socially sustainable business practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility is something we strive to take since inception of Lexcarts and one can bring some positive changes to the lives of few from several small steps taken gradually to make a big difference. As we provide a common platform for the lawyers and the clients to ease the difficulty of both, we also aim that those who are unable to afford legal help and the big costs that come with litigation are able to get free legal help and advice and so we encourage Lawyers at our platform provide Pro Bono legal help through Probono Initiative.

We also value the earth and environment we exist in and therefore we wish to initiate and propagate all efforts to build a greener and better world. We strive to create environmental footprint by promoting paperless work to the extent possible within our organizations and pledge to uphold a tree plantation day once a year.

Lexcarts as team with its directors and associate carry a similar goal to create a goodwill while running our organization as well as contributing for the betterment of the society. Lexcarts understand the value of education to build a nation in many ways and therefore, we contribute and support Svackshee (स्वाक्षी) Sansthan which is a great initiative and providing free quality pre-primary and primary education to more than 300 children by running Svackshee school and through EHSAS (Early Head Start Action of Svackshee), to the underprivileged children in the rural parts of the country. Apart from education improvement initiatives, Svackshee is working with around 550 families and have engaged them in gender sensitization and economic empowerment by setting up and running Women Self Help Groups (SHG). 50 SHGs are currently operational in around 12 different villages of Kishangarh Bas block of Alwar district.

We recognize our employees as an integral part of success Lexcarts reach in near future and we are committed in treating each other with respect. People visiting Lexcarts online and offline expect nothing less from us but continued involvement with effort to create long-term value with them and the world.

Svackshee Sansthan