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    The preamble of our constitution declares that the people of India gave themselves and adopted the constitution of our country. Irrespective of being Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikhs etc, they were people of India & they knew only one thing i.e. “We the people of India.” India, no doubt, is the most diverse nation be it geographically or culturally. Indians are known for their acceptability, flexible and tolerant nature. So why there is havoc these days in the country? Does that mean we have lost our specialty of being flexible and tolerant? Or, it is just a gimmick of the politicians to avail the vote bank?

    Through our constitution we adopted secularism. ‘Secularism’ means that India does not have a religion of its own. Every religion is treated equally in India. Article 14 of the constitution speaks about Equality to every citizen of India, regardless of religion. When India got freedom in 1947, the people were living in harmony and unity. With the increase of political intervention in the society, the division among the people of India also increased. The basic motto of the political parties has been ‘the divide and rule policy’ which they adopted from the British Empire.

    At one hand when our constitution is trying to unite us all, the politicians, who have the responsibility to represent the people of the country, are dividing us. Be it the communal riots of 1992 after Babri Masjid demolition or 1984 Sikh massacre or Gujarat Riots in every event there was active participation of political parties.

    Total ignorance of politics cannot be a solution to this problem. But people of our country must apply their right to proper thinking. According to the constitution, with the democratic form of government, power lies in the hands of the people of India. People have fundamental rights, the power to vote through the adult franchise, the judicial system, legislature, executive etc. But all we need is a way to use it for benefit of the nation.

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