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    The International Court of Justice established in 1945 by UN Charter. It was established with the sole purpose of resolving the disputes arising International level. There is a lot of confusion regarding the validity of judgments given by the ICJ. International Court Of Justice is the result of a number of countries coming together, forming an organisation and submit themselves to its jurisdiction. It does not take away their sovereignty. Countries remain sovereign.

    Validity of judgement of International Court of Justice

    The International court of justice exercises its jurisdiction mainly over those countries who are a member of the united nations. Other countries who are not the member of UN can also come for disposal. Though the judgements given by ICJ are binding on the member nations but only to an extent. If a country doesn’t want to comply with the order or judgement of the ICJ than its not a compulsion but there can be a real problem with the international relations.

    There can be following consequences of not complying with the judgement or order of the International Court.

    • International Isolation.
    • The threat to UN membership.
    • Effect on International Trade and commerce.
    • To create International Pressure on a certain issue.

    These are the only consequences which a country may face for not following the direction of the ICJ.

    If a country is self-sufficient, strong and held a good reputation on the international grounds than it can take risk of ignoring the orders of the ICJ.

    The countries dependent on other countries for various purposes such as natural resources, trade and other financial support usually try to comply with such orders as they can not afford to threaten their international ties.

    So, ultimately the validity of a judgement of an international court is nil until and unless you are dependent on its member nation for some sort of support.

    Why there is need of International court of justice when its validity is in question?

    The United Nations was established with a view to being an authority through which the peace and harmony can be maintained throughout the world. An authority which can supervise trade and commerce.

    The legal branch of UN is called as The International Court of Justice or International Court or ICJ or The Hague. It was established in 1945 with a view to deciding the cases between various countries. The jurisdiction Of ICJ mainly extends over the Member nations of the United Nations. Other Countries who are not part of the UN can also submit their issue to the International Court of Justice. It’s just an option for so many countries, as the last remedy when it comes to International relations.

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