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    The Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in the year 1875. The idea behind this organization was to eradicate the rudimentary Hindu beliefs. Arya Samaj holds a very important position in our society and it is the most favourable alternative available for people to get married in a simple way. These marriages provide prospect for belonging to different caste and religion to get married without any discrimination.

    Arya Samaj Validation Act 1937

    The Arya Samaj marriage derives its validity from Arya Samaj validation act 1937 with provisions of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Hindu Marriage applies equally to Arya Samaj. Since Arya Samaj does not believe in Idol worship the ceremonies conducted in a marriage is different for that of Hindu Marriage.

    Eligibility for Arya Samaj Marriage

    As mentioned above an Arya Samaj marriage must be compatible with The Hindu Marriage Act 1955, therefore for a person to be eligible for Arya Samaj marriage he/she should fulfil all the condition has been mentioned under section 5 of The Hindu Marriage Act 1955:-

    (a)   Age of boy should be at least 21 years and of a girl should be 18 years.

    (b)   Any person who is Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs can perform Arya Samaj Marriage.

    (c)   And also any person who is not Muslim, Christian, Jew or Parsi also can get married

    (d)   If a non-Hindu couple wants to get married then they should get converted by performing the ritual called Shuddhi.

    Registration of Arya Samaj Marriage

    An Arya Samaj marriage can be registered under section 8 of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955; as such it puts the responsibility on the State Government to make the respective law for registration of a marriage and at the same time places emphasis that the non-registration of marriage isn’t going to invalidate the marriage. However, it is advised to register marriage as per Supreme Court order to avoid any future dispute.

    Advantages of Arya Samaj Marriage

    1.   Simple, Expeditious and Legally Valid

    The procedure of Arya Samaj marriage is very simple and easy as both wedding couples just need to produce genuine documents/certificates like birth Certificate and residential certificates, a simple affidavit and a few photographs. It generally takes 2-3 hours to solemnize the marriage.

    2.   Keep check on Social Evils such as Child marriage and Caste system

    As you need to provide your age certificate to solemnize marriage and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of caste therefore, it keeps check on such social evil.

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