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    There was a time in India, when women were weak. Women in India were being exploited on various phases of life, technically there was a need of women empowerment. So, Laws were enacted such as Sec. 498A of IPC which deals with the cruelty, Sec. 304B IPC deals with dowry death, Sec. 376 deals with Rape, offences under Sexual Harassment at workplace (Prevention,Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 etc.

    These laws were enacted with a view to restore the lost condition of women in the society. But today condition is totally different. The women are misusing these laws by falsely registering complaints and playing the victim card. So, many innocent men are being charged for the crimes which they have not even committed. This creates doubt about the women who are actually suffering such problem in their lives. The present condition is so worse that about 53% of the rape cases filed last year were all false complaints.

    The more power you give, the more misuse you can expect. There should be a proper counter mechanism. The Laws are made but there is no authority to counter or control the misuse.

    Generally, an argument is raised that just because some women are misusing the law that doesn’t mean that the safeguards provided to other should be taken off. Nobody is taking away the rights given to the women. There should be some exceptions or defenses provided to the man. Most of these offences are non-bailable, you are guilty until you prove your innocence. Under 498A and 304B if a complaint is registered against you, you are put behind bars without giving any opportunity as it is a non bailable offence. You are branded as an offender, Loss of reputation comes complimentary with it.

    The reason behind this misuse is mostly for money, professional success and other reason only such woman can tell . This is an alarming situation, we are trying to help those women who are actually stuck in situations like this, and because of false complaints, questions are raised regarding their truthiness.

    In India, the term ‘Empowered woman’ is still a dream of distance. These situations are not sign of an empowered woman, but are hurdles in process of making an empowered woman.

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