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    As in the last preceding article, we have discussed what eminence client should look in a Lawyer from whom he/she seek legal consultation in “5 Good Qualities of Lawyer that Client look for” thus in this article, we will discuss the qualities that client should have when he approaches a Lawyer. As this is a two-way street, therefore you cannot expect a lawyer to be righteous to you unless you’re to him/her. These are the following qualities that a client should inculcate while approaching a lawyer:-

    1)   Have Realistic Expectation

    Before approaching a lawyer, a client should be crystal clear in mind that what he is expecting from a Lawyer and for what legal remedy he’s approaching him/her, also important, how much it would hurt his pocket. Because if you find legal help without understanding the intricacies of the case you will end up befuddled.

    2)   Trust Your Lawyer

    A good client should trust the expertise of the lawyers they have hired and should act according to the advice given by them. Though the trust shouldn’t be a blind faith but should have faith in the person whom they have hired and should be patient with the person whom they hired, as this is two-way road i.e. if you’re patient with the lawyer then he will reciprocate accordingly. Also, the client must understand that in court procedure you cannot get result instantaneously so patience is the virtue and trust your legal advisor to an extent.

    3)   Pay on time

    A good Client is someone who does understand that someone isn’t going to go through all the labour for the free legal advice thus he should be ready to pay the amount which was decided before lawyer took your case and try not to delay the payment as “money” can be one of the motivating factors.

    4)   Advocate’s Advocate

    In today’s world marketing is very important for you if you want to promote your goods and services. But, as per the rules of the Bar Council of India, a Lawyer can’t really promote himself through advertisement or any other marketing gimmick, so how a lawyer can endorse himself?

    Therefore, it becomes necessary for a lawyer to have a strong goodwill, and that can only be made if the client does positive mouth publicity in the community if he/she is satisfied with the services of the lawyer, thus clients becomes the advocate of an advocate.

    5)   Communications

    The client should lucidly converse his problem with the lawyer, should be completely honest with him and should make lawyer understand the nitty gritty of the case. If a client is able to communicate that what legal remedy he/she looking for their legal issues then such case is like a half case won situation from a lawyer’s perspective.

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